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Animal Portraits Mastery: Precision Tattooing

Breathe Life Into Ink: Master the Art of Captivating Pet Portraits with Edit Course level - Medium to pro

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  • Practice the demonstrated designs on realtime
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Artists who already splat the ink @tboytattoos @matthewtaylor @jessicaManique
Edit’s course has helped me reignite my passion! The course helped me overcome my imposter syndrome, and videos have been captured with such high quality. I appreciate the subtitles and each aspect of the course. Looking forward to even more uploads in this lifetime access! Thank you for your hard work! @tattooswithjoy
I'm so happy that I have participated Edit’s seminar. That’s definitely one of the best things that has happened in my career. I have learned about the skills to create tattoo designs, building up concepts, micro-realism tattooing, useful techniques with needles and ink (Both black and grey and colors!). Edit is also a very patient, helpful and encouraging teacher. I’m beyond happy with the seminar! @Alvina.tattooer @Pida_tattoo
I had never liked color tattoos until I saw Edit’s wonderful work! As soon as I saw she had an online seminar I didn’t even think twice about buying it, and I have no regrets! A super complete seminar, Suitable for beginners and professionals. I feel very happy to have had the opportunity to learn from Edit. Thank you for helping me to be a better professional! I am so grateful that you created this! Thank you!
This seminar has introduced me to the world of color, and I love it! Edit's explanations are very detailed, and it's great to be able to learn with an artist like her. With the first few lessons I have already started to see progress in my technique and I have started to lose my fear of portraits and color. I am very happy with this course. Instagram:atrave__tattoo @Atrave__tattoo
Edits online seminar was an amazing insight into the world of micro-realism. Being given the opportunity to watch, step by step, one of my favorite artists work has helped me tremendously to adjust my techniques, understand the process of working with designs that small and create beautiful pieces for my clients. Forever grateful! @Kittats
The seminar is really amazing. In my opinion she achieved show us through the videos her technique with mastery. The tips that Edit fave along the classes changed totally my way of thinking i the process of building a tattoo. And the classes are didactic, you can do the tattoo while she explains why to do it i a certain way and the effect achieved. I had on doubts about taking the course when it was available and I haven't regretted it at any time! the investment is worth it and I recommend it. @Larys_escobar
I am delighted with the seminar. Even now that due to lack of time I have not been able to do the practices, just watching the videos whole doing another activity has already helped me a lot, and above all motivated! The good thing is that I have access to watch the videos again whenever I want and practice live. I recommend it to everyone, whatever your level is, it is always a good time to continue learning. @anaplazass

Course content

1 lectures
The Creative Process
3 lectures
Sphynx cat - Creating the sketch
Boxer Dog - Creating the sketch
Furry cat - Creating the sketch
3 lectures
Sphynx cat - Tattoo lesson | Gentle details and layers work | 3hrs
Boxer Dog - Tattoo lesson | Classic Portrait | 2.10hrs
Furry cat - Tattoo lesson | Fur & Hair Texture | 2.10hrs

From The Course


What you will learn


Master Pet Portraits Tattooing: Learn the step-by-step process of creating stunning, realistic pet portraits. From sketching to shading, uncover the secrets to capturing the essence and personality of beloved animals.


Get more clients!: Harness the power of pet portrait tattooing to enhance your portfolio and attract a wide range of clients. Position yourself as an expert in this trending genre and unlock new opportunities for career growth and recognition.


Improve your techniques of Fur Textures: Dive into the world of fur textures and learn the skills to create lifelike and intricate hair patterns. From smooth and sleek to fluffy and wild, master the art of capturing various fur textures with precision.


Master the Art of Color Harmony and Improve Realism Techniques: Explore the world of vibrant colors and learn how to work with a wide color palette. Gain a deep understanding of color harmony, color theory, and coloring techniques that will elevate your artwork to new heights.


Attain Fine Details and Realism: Delve into the minutiae of pet portrait tattooing and discover Edit's secrets for achieving fine details with impeccable precision. From intricate whiskers to sparkling eyes, elevate your work with lifelike realism.


Transform Reference Photos into Exquisite Tattoo Sketches: Discover Edit's techniques for transforming reference photos into intricate tattoo sketches Gain insights into composition, proportions, and bringing life to your designs.

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Is this course suitable for me?
The Animals Portraits seminar is designed for individuals with medium to advanced tattooing skills. it's the perfect choice for those who are already familiar with the basics or have reached a certin skill level in tattooing and are seeking to accelerate their techniques and improve their expertise.
How do I practice during the seminar?
In every practice lesson, you can find the demonstrated design available for download so you can practice with Edit in real-time! You will be guided by Edit for every step of the process in each and every lesson
Where can I watch?
These lessons are easily accessible and can be watched on any device, whether you’re at home or in the shop, killing time in between appointments
Do you offer financing options?
During the checkout you can choose to pay for the courses either by credit card or by using PayPal. If you are facing issues during the process please contact: [email protected]
Is there any translation or subtitles?
Every video includes English captions or Spanish subtitles
Do I need special equipment?
To get the maximum out of the seminar, we advise you to use high quality equipment such as machinery, needles, inks, etc. Recommended equipment list will be provided during the seminar.
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