About Edit Paints

Tattoos are the purest form of self-expression. It is a physical manifestation of self for the world to see. We believe this unique experience is sacred, and Edit Paints is the name in this industry that has sparked a new transformation. She is collaborating with us on some incredible Micro-realism lessons that are guaranteed to add a whole new level of value and skill to your arsenal.

Artist Edit Paints specializes in hyper-realistic, black-and-grey and colors, micro dermal tattoos.  Edit is a proud member of the Gida Tattoo team, located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and boasts quite the portfolio of showstopping work (click here to check out some samples). Her signature art style brings to live still images of real people, ranging from celebrities to your heart.

Edit is only 29, but she has been creating art for as long as she can remember. In fact, from a very young age, Edit has been obsess with illustrating small, intricate details on unconventional canvases. This love for a challenge has made her the virtuoso she is today.

“Trying to capture something real, I believe, is harder than doing monsters from your imagination,” says Edit. “The size is an extra challenge. I love that it’s small and personal. The challenge makes me passionate.”