Lesson 1 - Introduction
Jump into this introductory overview of what to expect in the courses ahead. Edit talks about herself, her unique journey, her perspective of the tattoo industry, new-age tattoos, and more. She gives a brief overview of emotions and motivation, common trends and best practices, as well as how to introduce new styles to your practice.

Lesson 2 - Inspirations
Edit walks through her creative process and her sure-fire approach to getting the best possible result when creating a new design. She covers interesting topics such as what makes a successful tattoo, how to use inspiration for tattoos, key elements for successful design, and her top artistic inspiration for her portfolio.
Lesson overview:
- 5 key magic elements for the perfect design
- Top influential inspiration to Edit works
- Breakdown of Edit's most famous designs

Lesson 3 - Create the sketch
Creating a great sketch is essential to every tattooist, no matter their preferred style. You will see how Edit creates her sketches in Photoshop and even shares her never-revealed-before secrets of creating a great stencil. If you are someone trying to get a firsthand experience, don’t miss this out!
Lesson overview:
- Full process Edit's famous designs on photoshop
- How to create a digital stencil
- Important tips to skyrockets every design

Lesson 4 - Preparations
Preparations can make or break a tattoo! Edit will go over the essentials of how to ready your station, your canvas, and your equipment for a perfect experience. Reveling full gearbox, from the machinery, needles, ink, and more, Edit will explain everything about their role and benefits for a smooth sail.
Lesson overview:
- Complete glance of Edit's gearbox
- How to maximize the use of colors in a tattoo
- Healing process tips

Lesson 5 - Master the basics
This is where the magic starts. This educational lesson will set the groundwork for everything you’d be mastering. A quick intro about the techniques, needles, their proper demonstration, and more – you’ll gain valuable knowledge in this module, setting yourself on the right path.
Lesson overview:
- Linework techniques
- Shading techniques
- Coloring techniques

Lesson 6 - Butterfly & Rose
Now is the time to shine! Edit will demonstrate 2 simple designs to practice various techniques so that you can get some gist of them. Experience micro-realism on fake skin so that you can pave the path to more complex designs later on. Learn how to create a hand-stencil and apply it on fake skin. This real experience will actually show you how it is done so that you can understand it precisely.
Lesson overview:
- How we practice with Fake-Skin
- Introduction to micro realism
- Full process of 2 basic designs

Lesson 7 - Dali and the elephants
This demonstration by Edit is a big step when it comes to applying your skills. Edit will carefully demonstrate the design “Dali and the Elephants” on fake skin so that you can have some understanding of a complicated design. She will take you through three different ankles to show you the intricate details clearly. the full process, no fast forward.

Lesson 8 - Frida Kahlo portrait (Colors)
Diving into the world of colors, This is the first demonstration of colored tattoo! Through the portrait design of the amazing Frida Kahlo Edit will show you how to delve into colors and start a new journey. Combining all previous techniques, this is another step forward on your way to accelerate your skills.

Lesson 11 - Renaissance art - "Memento Mori"
Traveling back on time, Edit will take you on a ride with some renaissance classic art. With the “Memento Mori” design, Edit will demonstrate the classic art tattoo and showcase the full process to help you understand every little detail with pinpoint accuracy.

Lesson 12 - Mighty Thor!
This last practice session will go deeper into the complicated design of Thor from the Marvel – on the real skin to help you grow your competency and take your skills and confidence to a next level.