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I’m so happy that I have participated Edit’s seminar. That’s definitely one of the best things that has happened in my career. I have learned about the skills to create tattoo designs, building up concepts, micro-realism tattooing, useful techniques with needles and ink (Both black and grey and colors!). Edit is also a very patient, helpful and encouraging teacher. I’m beyond happy with the seminar! Alvina, New Zealand


I had never liked color tattoos until I saw Edit’s wonderful work! As soon as I saw she had an online seminar I didn’t even think twice about buying it, and I have no regrets! A super complete seminar, Suitable for beginners and professionals. I feel very happy to have had the opportunity to learn from Edit. Thank you for helping me to be a better professional! I am so grateful that you created this! Thank you!


Edits online seminar was an amazing insight into the world of micro-realism. Being given the opportunity to watch, step by step, one of my favorite artists work has helped me tremendously to adjust my techniques, understand the process of working with designs that small and create beautiful pieces for my clients. Forever grateful!


The seminar is really amazing. In my opinion she achieved show us through the videos her technique with mastery. The tips that Edit fave along the classes changed totally my way of thinking i the process of building a tattoo. And the classes are didactic, you can do the tattoo while she explains why to do it i a certain way and the effect achieved. I had on doubts about taking the course when it was available and I haven’t regretted it at any time! the investment is worth it and I recommend it.


I am delighted with the seminar. Even now that due to lack of time I have not been able to do the practices, just watching the videos whole doing another activity has already helped me a lot, and above all motivated! The good thing is that I have access to watch the videos again whenever I want and practice live. I recommend it to everyone, whatever your level is, it is always a good time to continue learning.


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Welcome to Edit Paints Tattoo Learning Hub!

We’re passionate about empowering tattoo artists like you to expand your skills, learn new techniques, and grow as artists. Each lesson is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the best learning experience possible.
Practice materials are provided for hands-on learning. Join us on this exciting journey of artistic growth and mastery!

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Enjoy flexibility in your career. Learn at your own
pace – watch at your own leisure – anytime, anywhere!

Gain insights into design processes, different textures, color packing, and crafting lifelike tattoos that impress and attract clients

Boost Portfolio & Attract More Clients: Showcase stunning portraits and captivating tattoos, drawing attention from a wider audience and expanding your clientele.

Access comprehensive tutorials, with english captions and spanish subtitles available, ensuring language is never a barrier to your growth

Gain fascinating insights on how to create stunning
designs that truly leave a mark

Immerse yourself in a world of multiple camera angles, witnessing every stroke and technique, just like a personal masterclass.


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Is this seminar right for me?

The course is a straightforward, virtual tutorial with Edit herself, where she goes through all aspects of her process from ideation to execution, providing life-saving pointers along the way.

She has learned from experience like the rest of us and has a lot to say about the mistakes you should avoid and how to stay on top of your game.

Which course is suitable for me?

Our courses are designed to cater to different skill levels:

  • True Secrets of Realism Course – Suitable for beginners to professionals.
  • Animals Portraits – Suitable for Medium to advanced skills.
  • Valuable techniques class –  Suitable for all levels
    Choose the course that aligns with your current expertise and learning goals.
Do you offer financing options?

During the checkout you can choose to pay for the courses either by credit card or by using PayPal.

If you facing issues during the process please contact: [email protected]

Is there any translation or subtitles?
  • True Secrets of Realism Course – English captions
  • Animals Portraits –English captions / Spanish subtitles
  • Valuable techniques class – English captions / Spanish subtitles
Where can I watch?

These lessons are easily accessible and can be watched on any device, whether you’re at home or in the shop, killing time in between appointments

How do I practice during the seminar?

In each practice lesson, you can download the design to practice in real-time with Edit’s expert guidance. Enhance your tattooing skills with Edit as your mentor throughout the learning journey.

Do I need special equipment?

To get the maximum out of the seminar, we advise you to use high quality equipment such as machinery, needles, inks, etc. Recommended equipment list will be provided during the seminar. Fake skin for practice will be required.

Do I need prior knowledge?

Prior knowledge is not mandatory although familiarity with the world of tattooing, basic terms, and concepts is helpful.

Can I tattoo people after?

The seminar is offered for professional education purposes and does not cover health and safety aspects. Tattoo safety and health precautions are extremely important! We do not recommend performing your first tattoos without professional supervision.

From the press

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While the phrase may go back decades, it feels like “good things come in small packages,” was personally written for Edit Paint’s tattoos. The Tel Aviv artist has taken the industry by storm, crafting delicate and divine color realism tattoos on an exceptionally small scale. Paints brings childhood nostalgia to life with her pint-sized pieces, many of which reference celebrated scenes from pop culture classics. We sat down with the talented artist to learn about her.

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Take a look at the world-renowned artist's groundbreaking new online seminar In this day and age, we’re all about remote learning—whether that be zoom college courses or workouts. Why not improve our tattoo skills from home as well? Edit Paints is now offering an online seminar for passionate artists who want to learn micro realism tattooing. This 30+ hour course takes artists through every step of the process and allows them to learn invaluable skills from Edit herself.

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A lot of Edit’s work is inspired by celebrity and pop culture. She’s done mini, small-scale portraits of musicians including Nicki Minaj, Bruce Springsteen, Tupac, and the late Chester Bennington. She’s also completed tiny movie-scene tattoos that look like they’ve jumped off the screen and onto someone’s skin. Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you’ll find movie stills ranging from Beauty and the Beast and Titanic to Top Gun and Pulp Fiction.

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Edit Paintsis a specialized tattooer in miniature hyper-realism. As seen below her work is utterly outstanding, replicating black and white photographs like a scanner and inking it down on human skin. Artist acquired a bachelor’s degree in Art and Art History. ‘Clear sense of reality’ within highly detailed miniature realism tattoos guided by the inhuman perfection of Edit’s hand. She finds inspiration in literature, cinema, and Victorian-era art. Well-deserved awards and international recognition glorifies her talents fittingly. Tattooer works in Gida Tattoo Studio and Gallery founded in 2013. Now the studio leads as best in Tel Aviv showcasing professionalism and diverse styles.